The “Hybi5” is a charming font family, which allows by its gracious but though seriously character a versatile usage.

I have been working on it more than a year.

The “Hybi5” Family contains the four classical styles

• Regular
• Bold
• Italic
• Bold-Italic

as well as a

• Script

See the examples below.
Clicks on the miniatures will show a bigger version.

This font family could be described as a “crossover” between Antiqua, Grotesque and Brushscript.

Therefore it’s appropriate for headlines or slogans and for some longer texts as well.

The huge sets of characters with accents, special characters and ligatures should make these fonts suitable for many languages and usage situations.

And if you should miss a specific character, please let me know.
I will see what I can do.

If you are a professional designer, you will surely appreciate the hundreds of kerning pairs within each style, which will make your work easier.

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